Ath! Við erum að leita að meðeigendum fyrir Shiba hunda á Íslandi.

Next Litter will be in autumn 2019!

Áhugasamir hafið samband!

Sign-up Interests, Deposit & Sale

We do limited sign up interests when we are expecting puppies, this is to maximise the chance of those who sign up get a puppy.

A non-refundable sale-deposit reflecting 30% of the total price of a puppy is required to confirm your interest as a serious buyer. Sadly, there is a small chance that a puppy might be stillborn or die soon after birth, in this case the deposit is refunded in full.

Puppies are sold using a contract by the Norwegian Kennel Club.

Delivery in Norway

When a puppy has reached at least 8 weeks of age, has been checked by a veterinarian for good health, has received all necessary vaccinations and you have paid the remaining 70% of the sale price, you can pick up your adorable puppy from our kennel.

If for some reason you are not able or would prefer to pick up your puppy at a later date the pickup can be postponed, up to a maximum of 8 weeks with a fixed boarding fee per week, the first week is free.

If the puppy is not picked up within the agreed upon timeframe there is a risk that your purchase will be cancelled and the puppy will be sold to someone else. In this case you will be refunded any purchase payments you may have made, however deposits and boarding fees are not refunded.

Delivery to Iceland

Puppies will be imported to Iceland when they have reached at least 6 months of age. All preparation for a safe import to Iceland are made by us which include : All necessary , Vaccines , the Quarantine application ,  Mast application and Character evaluation . The Import fees and quarantine costs are not covered by us.

At the moment of their arrival in Iceland they will undergo a mandatory 4 week quarantine before they can be delivered to you, by us, in person. We will provide a guide for future registration into the Icelandic Kennel Club.


All puppies are ID-chipped and are registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK), FCI registered. Pet puppies will have a NKK pedigree .

All puppies are delivered with a starter set, which includes a balanced meal plan and food for 1 week for your for your puppy ( we have experience with raw feeding as well as dry food if preferred ) A cute collar in the color of your choice. A toy. Treats. And a little surprise.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!